Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mitt Romney's Fantasy World

The car that I'm renting has digital radio (I get no analog signal where I am) and it comes with two free stations. One seems to be a continuous update of warnings about the weather systems currently affecting the south east of America. The other station is POTUS, politics of the united states, which seems to be continuous coverage of the republican election campaign. So, for want of anything else to listen to, I've been tuning into this every day. I thought it might be interesting, I hoped I might learn a bit about American politics but all I've learned is how economic with the truth the republicans are prepared to be to win this election.

Today Mitt Romney really took the biscuit when I listened to a recording of his speech to the republican convention of a few days ago. He talked, at length, of how the current government is a liberal government, and how the liberals were steadily picking the country apart. He tells of the Supreme Court's decision to give Guantanamo Bay prisoners some of their basic human rights, deriding the idea of it as a liberal policy. It's liberal, in comparison to nazis or al-Quaeda insurgents, but I like to think that a liberal government wouldn't have implemented the horrendous idea in the first place.

Then there is the Helen Lovejoy-esque cry of "Won't somebody please think of the children!?" as he condemns concessions made to the teachers' union as a blow against the children themselves.

He even tries to imply that the liberal policies were behind the current credit crunch that's brought the US economy to a grinding halt.

The prize-winning comment, however, has to go to his Parthian shot at Al Gore: "I have one more recommendation for energy conservation: Let's keep Al Gore's private jet on the ground."
Leave aside, for the moment, that he didn't actually make ANY recommendations for energy conservation, and that Al Gore isn't running for any position this year so is essentially an irrelevant target. I have looked into this claim and, it turns out, Al Gore DOES NOT OWN a private jet.

The shear gall to stand up and lie to nation is not an exclusively republican thing, but they are damn well practiced at it!

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